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Frequently Asked Questions

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Feel free to contact us lub tel. 603-114-605

Joining to the Purchase Group is free. Medical Purchasing Group was established by Polish Association of Private Hospitals to reduce costs so there is no additional costs.

You just have to contact us and we will together manage the whole process.

Office is open from 7.30 to 15.30 but we are happy to help you at any time. You can send us an e-mail or just make a call. We will try to solve your problems as fast as it possible.


Of course not, you are buying only these products you are really interested in. You will be informed about all negotiations, new products etc. and you decide which offer is interesting for you.

The Group uses the scale of purchases and benefits to each hospital. You can still buy one piece but the price will be determined by the purchase of the whole group.

Please contact us by an e-mail to get more information.

MedGZ Medical Purchasing Group


Central Purchasing Organization for members of Polish Association of Private Hospitals

• Call us or write an e-mail

• Gain quickly noticeable savings and profits for your facility

• Join the hospitals professionally carried purchases and increase incomes

Buy cheaper | Provides more

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